Peter Tompkins No Longer Exists

According to his database this is where he meets her every Sunday. Next to this strange green statue overlooking the bay to the city.

As I searched through his thoughts I found out that he loved this place, though I cant see why. The ground is uneven, the atmosphere damp and the chilly wind is playing havoc with my internal temperature controls.

I inhabited this human body less than 24 hours ago. In that time I have successfully taken control of his mind and all of his functioning organs. To all intents and purposes the old Peter Tompkins no longer exists.

But, if I am to successfully complete my mission, all those who know this young man must believe I am him.

My first test begins in a short while when Suzie arrives.

Apparently we are in love, though to be honest I find the whole notion of human love abhorrent.

If she accepts me then all will be well. She may even turn out to be a suitable receptacle for my own true love.

If, however, she is at all suspicious then I will have no choice but to ensure that her drowning is seen as a tragic accident.

Mike Jackson

A 200-word story for Sunday Photo Fiction.

Phot courtesy of Fandango.


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