Are You Drowning In A Sea Of To-Do Lists?

Are you surrounded by ‘To Do’ lists?

Are your lists getting longer instead of shorter however hard you work?

It never ceases to amaze me that we are told, and believe, that these things are going to make us so much more efficient and save us bucket loads of time.

As a Headteacher, I used to meticulously complete my list at the weekend so that I was prepared for the coming week.

I could never understand why, by the end of Monday, I was exhausted and the dreaded ‘To Do’ list was untouched.

By the time I had added to the list each day I knew that by Friday it would be twice as long as when I started at the beginning of the week.

To Do Lists - Do They Make Life Easier?

I could never understand how, after a busy week at work, this magical list that was supposed to make me more effective, had multiplied!

To Don’t Lists

To Don't Lists

I thought  I’d found the answer when I read about ‘To Don’t’ lists.

The idea is that you create a list of all the things that you needed to stop doing.

This would, in turn, give you time to do the important things, ie. the things on your ‘To Do’ list.

My dilemma was do I put “Create a ‘To Don’t’ list” on my ‘To Do’ list? Or should I be putting on my ‘To Don’t’ list, “Stop doing a ‘To Do’ list!

I solved the problem by putting them on both lists knowing that I would never find the time to complete either list anyway!

Too Difficult File


I recently heard that a previous Bishop of York used to have a ‘Too Difficult’ file in his filing cabinet. Now that seems like a great idea.

Any job, request for information, or piece of paper that comes your way that you don’t immediately know what to do with – simply put into your ‘Too Difficult’ file.

Too Difficult Filing Cabinet

If you put something in this file that is really important you can guarantee that someone will chase you for it, however, it is surprising how often no one will bother.

I have decided to put both my ‘To Do’ list and my ‘To Don’t’ list into my ‘Too Difficult’ file and hopefully, that will give me a chance to do some work!

What are you going to do with your dreaded ‘list’?

If you find a solution that works then let us know.

Mike and David – Goodeyedeers

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One Comment

  1. Virginia Nygard

    Just figured this thing out! I made a TO DO LIST. At #1 I put “Never, ever make a TO DO LIST again.” I just have to figure out how to make a billion dollars so everybody else can do my thinking and doing for me! Should be simple now that I have all…this…TIME!


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