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The 8.37 to Bridlington

The instructions had been clear – ‘Load your cases onto a trolley. Then, with the castle on the hill to your left. Head straight for the brick wall with the sign saying PLATFORM 7’.

We looked at one another, counted three, and charged. It worked! We’d passed straight through.

As we dusted ourselves down and looked around us our excitement turned to dismay.

The train waiting on the platform was not the Hogwarts Express, ready to take us off to our new school and untold adventures, but the 8.37 commuter train to Bridlington stopping at Collingham, Hutton Cranswick, Driffield and Nafferton.

Mike Jackson

A 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

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A writer of short stories.

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  1. Ohhh, that was a laugh and a half… a much needed laugh, too. With my luck this week, When I ran at the wall, it would have been a REAL wall and I would have killed myself… or at least wish I had, as I died from embarrassment. Great one!

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  2. Great ending. I feel their disappointment that they haven’t escaped the daily grind. However, they have passed through a wall – perhaps they’re in an alternate reality, and who knows what they’ll find if so?

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