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Virtual Writers Group – Postcard Stories

It is my intention to put up a post every day until we are all able to get back to our ‘real’ writers groups and start to interact and share once again with our fellow local writers.

Some days the posts will be shorter than other days – this is a short one and is a prompt to hopefully encourage you to write.

Here is a postcard story…

As well as being a short story that would fit on a postcard it is also a ‘Dribble’ or ‘Mini Saga’ because it is exactly 50-words long. I have also heard stories that distort our traditional fairy tales described as ‘Fractured Fairy Tales’ – I like that!

Your challenge is to write a ‘Fractured Fairy Tale’. Take any character from a fairy tale or part of the tale itself and distort it.

There is no specific word length but you might want to keep in mind the idea of getting it onto a postcard. Please feel free to post your stories in the comments section below.

Good luck, have fun and keep well.

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A writer of short stories.

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  1. Hi Mom,
    Settling in great out here in the wood. I met a guy named Bashful. He’s really cute and he offered me a job cleaning and cooking for him and his roommates.
    They are all miners so they are ‘early to bed – early to rise’ kind of guys. They don’t care if I smoke as long as it’s not in the house.
    Hope to see you around Easter. Love


  2. Little Red Riding Hood lay on the floor, blood staining the boards as her life drained away. The wolf circled her body, red in tooth and claw. Riding Hood’s eyes flickered as the wolf’s jaws opened for the kill. But the last face she saw did not bong to the wolf; it was Grandma’s.


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