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Friday’s 100-Word Story Challenge #1

Every Friday I plan to post a prompt that will encourage you to write a 100-word story.

The inspiration for your story each week will be a black and white photo (taken from Pixabay). Your challenge is to write a story of exactly 100-words inspired by that picture.

If you would like to share your story then simply add it into the comments section below.

Here is today’s picture…

Have fun and I look forward to reading your stories.


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A writer of short stories.

3 replies

  1. There he is again, not that I’m surprised.  He’s here every morning, always before me, just staring out to sea.  He never even acknowledges my presence.  It must be nice to be able to just sit and enjoy the day.  But he has paid the price of years to do it.

    I knew he would be here.  He shows up every morning. Never says a word, just sits down and looks out at the water.  How I envy his youth.  Everything before him.  We’re kind of like the tides me and him. Mine going out while his is coming in.


    1. I enjoyed this and could empathise with the older character. Loved the idea of tides,’ with his coming in’ and ‘mine going out’.
      Thanks for joining in with this new challenge/prompt.
      Hope to see you back here next Friday.


  2. I hope you realise lad, once I get up and walk away I’m not coming back. When I go so does the offer of help. Why not stop pissing around and make up your mind? Still nothing to say? Suit yourself. Don’t say I didn’t try.

    John watched the old man get up, pull an old cap from his pocket and stride off down the prom. He’d never met the old chap before and had no idea what he’d been wittering on about. But he was glad he was gone. He wanted some quiet. Time to think. He needed help.


I look forward to reading your comments

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