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Wednesday’s Six Sentence Story Challenge #2

Can you write a story in just six sentences?

Every Wednesday I am going to put a word prompt up and the challenge is to use that word somewhere in your six sentence story.

You can then share your story in the comments section below or leave a link to the story on your blog.

Today’s word is…


Have fun and I look forward to reading your stories.


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A writer of short stories.

3 replies

  1. Today, I found your excellent blog and I am very excited about the writing challenges.

    Based on this prompt, my six sentence story, called “Tiding”.

    When the tide is low, the water ebbs away. When it is high, replenishes. Today, the sea beaches jellyfishes; a midden of carrions lie on the shore. She doesn’t want me now. She never did. Our naked bodies resemble the tons of dead fishes; a smack on my face.


  2. Like jellyfish, they have only one opening to their stomach through which they both take in food and eject waste. Nobody was quite sure when they arrived and how. There were unconfirmed reports that they’d first been seen crawling up the beach in Blackpool. All rather academic now. They are here now, in our midst and we appear to be their sole source of nourishment. Their numbers are growing as ours dwindle.


I look forward to reading your comments

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