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What Does She Think She’s Doing!


A 100-word story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt.

Have you seen them Maureen? Soppy pair. She’s forgetting she’s only just had her hip done. Too much smooching at her age is not to be recommended. As for him, I’m surprised he can stand up that long without his zimmer frame. You know they’re at it don’t you Maureen. Saw him coming out of her room twice last week. I’m surprised matron’s not had words. I don’t know about it being a care home, it’s more like a bordello. What times the coach taking us back Maureen? If I don’t get my cocoa before nine I‘ll never sleep.


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  1. It looks like mind over matter for that couple, but then again maybe they are just doing a jigsaw and someone has it all out of context. Watching too many “Midsummer Murders”. What’s in the cocoa?


  2. All ssorts go on in care homes, I’m sure. Good luck to them enjoying their final years, should help them keep going a little longer. Thought you captured the voice and tone of the narrator perfectly


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