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What Do Grandads Do In Lockdown?

This period of lockdown has been difficult for us all. All the things we took for granted have ben taken away from us and we don’t know when, or even if, they will return.

I often hear people talk about how great it will be to get back to ‘normal life’ but I have suspicion that we are all going to have to adjust over the coming months to a new ‘normal’.

I’m finding that many of the things I once felt were important no longer seem so precious. I miss going to my local coffee shop to write, I miss watching my local football team on a Saturday but I also realise they were an important part of my life but they weren’t essential.

But the thing I truly miss, the one essential thing missing from my life at the moment, is not being able to see my grandchildren. Life will only really begin to get back to ‘normal’ when I can give them both a big hug!

One of the great things to come out from these terrible times we presently live in has been the ability of us all to adapt, to try new things, conquer technology and find different ways to communicate with each other. And with a new found spirit of adventure I decided to create a YouTube channel for my two Grandchildren. It is called, of course, ‘Grandad’s TV’. To date I have created 11 episodes and plan to carry on until lockdown finishes. It has been great fun!

I have leant so much, thanks mainly to Google and YouTube. Each episode is made up of four sections:

  • A ‘Did You Know?’ section where I share with my young audience 5 or 6 unusual facts in each episode, things like – ‘Did you know that wombat poo is cube-shaped?’ or ‘Did you know one-quarter of all your bones are in your feet? You have 26 bones I each got.’

  • A Poem section. My very good friend, David Horner, is a children’s poet. (Now that we are both retired we work together to create teacher resources which we sell on TES (UK) and TpT (USA). Any money we make goes to a local charity for children called MedEquip4Kids). David reads ones of his poems in each episode. Here is an example:
  • A Story section – here I read out a story. Sometimes it is my adaptation of an Aesop’s Fable and sometimes it is a story I’ve made up especially for the children. I have great fun here in creating images/scenes to go with the story. In a recent episode I had Grandma as a wizened old witch. This made the grandchildren smile but got me into hot water with my dear wife!
  • A Drawing section – here I talk though how to do some very simple drawings. I discovered that I could create drawings as vector graphics and through Keynote I could animate each part of the drawing using the animation ‘line draw’. I could then record the Keynote presentation and add instructions for each part of the drawing. Here is an excerpt take from episode 4 where we discovered how to draw a Ninja!

So, that’s one of the projects I’ve got involved with during this period of lockdown. What have you been up to?


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