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Wednesday’s Six Sentence Story Challenge #7

Can you write a story in just six sentences?

Every Wednesday I am going to put a word prompt up and the challenge is to use that word somewhere in your six sentence story.

You can then share your story in the comments section below or leave a link to the story on your blog.

Today’s word is…


Have fun and I look forward to reading your stories.


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A writer of short stories.

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  1. I hide inside my music. Earphones cover my pain. The voices inside my head drowned out by staccato rhythm. When I scream and no one hears, the music fills my void. I show a calm exterior even as my insides dismantle into rubbish. Someday, someone will care.

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  2. The earphone in my right ear continued to bark out orders.

    When I was younger I’d thought of having it removed. I‘d been given the address of a place in the centre of the city where the procedure could take place but it was illegal and dangerous and I eventually bottled out.

    Now, I’ve simply grown accustomed to it and, in a perverse sort of way, I think I would miss it. It was the one constant in these troubling times. The thought of it not being there and me having to think for myself and make decisions was quite frightening.


I look forward to reading your comments

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