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Sunday’s Mini-Saga Challenge #9

A mini saga is a story of exactly 50-words. It is also sometimes known as a dribble!

Every Sunday I am going to post a prompt to challenge you to write a short story of exactly 50-words.

The prompt will be a photo (taken from Pixabay). If you want to share your story then please write it out in the comments below or leave a link to it on your blog.

Have fun and I look forward to reading your stories.


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A writer of short stories.

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  1. Sally knew finishing with Jamie had been the right thing to do. But he’d taken it badly. And upsetting a trainee wizard, especially one with anger management issues, wasn’t always a good idea. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t notice the books flying around, slowly imprisoning her.


I look forward to reading your comments

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