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He’s Late

PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

I stood on the corner, my collar turned up against the chilly autumn air. I looked at my watch again. He was late. So unlike him, especially on a day as important as this. 

He’s not coming Maureen,” whispered a voice behind me. “Lover boy’s not coming. I’ve made sure of that.”

I froze. It couldn’t be. I turned slowly to face him.

He stood there, smiling at me.

“Well Maureen, what’s it going to be?” he said, showing me the blood drenched knife in his hand. “Do you still want to be with him or are you coming home?”

Mike Jackson

A 100-word story for this week’s prompt at Friday Fictioneers.

If you enjoy different writing prompts then I’ve recently introduced three new ones on my blog:

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