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Friday’s 100-Word Story Challenge #10

Every Friday I plan to post a prompt that will encourage you to write a 100-word story.

The inspiration for your story each week will be a black and white photo (taken from Pixabay). Your challenge is to write a story of exactly 100-words inspired by that picture.

If you would like to share your story then simply add it into the comments section below

Have fun and I look forward to reading your stories.


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A writer of short stories.

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  1. ‘And here’s what it looks like from the back of the stand.’
    ‘Not a very good view, is it?’
    ‘No. No, it’s not.’
    ‘I’d be disappointed, me, if I’d paid all that money and only got that view.’
    ‘Yes. Yes, I suppose you might be.’
    ‘Well, wouldn’t you?’
    ‘Wouldn’t I what?’
    ‘Be disappointed..with that view.’
    ‘Yes. With that view.’
    ‘And what?’
    ‘There’s something else you’re wanting to say.’
    ‘No, not really.’
    ‘Yes, there is.’
    ‘Well, it depends, doesn’t it?’
    ‘Depends on what?’
    ‘Go on, spit it out.’
    ‘Well, it depends how much they wanted to see you.’

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  2. When I heardI was being sent to planet Earth I cried. This must be the most boring planet in the universe.

    That’s me, leaning on the rail. Keith’s his name, Keith Robinson. An adviser to the Prime Minister.

    I inhabited his body yesterday. I’m currently familiarising myself with everything he does. That’s why I’m here. It’s called football and apparently he’s a fan. Seems these earthlings get quite passionate about this pastime, goodness knows why.

    Still, the information I gather will aid the invasion plans.

    The sooner we take over this planet the sooner I can leave this awful body.


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