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The shed at the bottom of the garden is where I disappear to think and write. If you can’t find me there, then check out the local coffee shops!

My name is Mike Jackson and I am a storyteller.

So, what is a storyteller? Here is one definition I found that appealed to me:

storyteller. n. author, relator, fabler, narrator, minstrel, teller, bard, poet, biographer, chronicler, raconteur, anecdotist, teller of tales, spinner of yarns, fabulist, fabricator, prose writer

I’ve always been a ‘teller of tales, a spinner of yarns’ and since my retirement I have been fortunate enough to share some of those tales with others, mainly through this blog and via Twitter.

The purpose of this blog is for me to find as many ways as I can to tell tales. So, some of my stories on this blog are written down and some are narrated. Sometimes I am going to use animation software to share a story; on other occasions I shall be experimenting with video storytelling.

I am a lover of flash fiction and short stories and that is what you will find here. Sometimes a drabble (a 100-word story) or a piece of hint fiction (25 words or less). Other times a piece of haiku or cinquain poetry or maybe a haibun. Then there will be times when I stretch to longer pieces, but rarely more than 2,000 words. One day I might write a novel – but I doubt it!

I’m also one half of a duo that creates teaching resources for children. Myself and my good friend, David Horner, are both retired educators. I was once a headteacher and David was a full-time writer and performer. (Click here to find out more about us both!)

We call ourselves ‘Goodeyedeers’ and, believe it or not, it took us a whole morning and numerous cups of coffee to come up with that name!

You can find our resources at either The Gooeyeders Shop at TES or The Goodeyedeers Store at TpT or visit our Goodeyedeers Blog. All the money we make from selling our resources goes to a local children’s charity called MedEquip4Kids.

That’s me. If you’d like a chat you can find me on Twitter or leave a message below.


4 replies

  1. What an interesting and engaging “About” page! Sounds a little like how I feel (I teach 8th graders, and love to write, and love to write short stories, poems and children’s stories. Want to get into publishing, but feel daunted).


  2. My name is Linda Legacy and I am an Education Officer in Ontario, Canada. I came across your story about the dragon, One day Child, One Day. I have made some minor changes to it and I would like to send you a copy to see if you might agree to allow us to develop questions to go with the story. I am part of a educational team that develops the Provincial Language Assessment for grade 3 and 6 students in Ontario. I cannot find an email address to use to send it to. If you would like more information or have any questions, you can email me at I will continue to read other stories. This was the first one that I found. I look forward to hearing from you.


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