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Tell Me Again Alf

The two large alien arachnids skulked in the shadows watching and waiting. Then the smaller of the two leaned across to the other and whispered, “Tell me again Alf, how’s this going to work?” “Dead simple Sam. When the human thing comes in here to put on his old boots […]

Such a Boring Man

I peeked around the door into the shower. There he was exactly as they’d said he would be. Stark naked, with a nasty looking gash above his right eye, his silly pink plastic shower hat on his head, soaking wet and quite dead. Impressive. When I’d first contacted the company […]

There’s A Good Lad

“It’s Billy here boss. I’ve found the car. Just where you said it would be.” “Good lad Billy. Look on top of the front tyre, driver’s side, you should find the ignition key.” “Got it, boss. What now?” “I need you to get it valeted Billy. I’m taking the wife […]

Grandma’s Fairy Dust

When we were kids Grandma told us she kept fairy dust in the jar on the window sill. She said the lid was sealed with magic so only she could open it. We’d stand and stare at it for hours. Whenever we stayed, she’d sprinkle a little in our warm […]