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Testing Times

He watched them as they made their solemn ascent up the escalator, two by two, heads bowed, not speaking. They were a good bunch. Hard working, conscientious and, on the whole, firm in their beliefs. He’d pushed them hard over the last year. Angel training was not meant to be […]

Something Will Have To Go

This is my umpteenth attempt to reorganise the freezer. My last try I got the ice cream in but at the expense of the frozen peas. I need the peas. According to my late wife, Maureen, it’s the only healthy food I eat. But I can’t leave the ice-cream out. […]

Time To Break Free?

As a fledgeling teenager, I dreamt of being a rebel. But between the rigid Presbyterian church we attended every Sunday and a father not afraid to wield his thick leather belt, I learned to conform. Now, as a law-abiding, middle-aged man I pay my taxes. I don’t drink or smoke […]

Only The Best

“Well, Jones, how is it going?” “Everything is in place, Sir. The rings were dropped into the sky a week ago and don’t appear to have caused any concerns amongst the populace. As we expected, they have convinced themselves they are in some way connected to their strange celebration of […]