Unrequited Love



She had been warned, but now it was too late. Nobody could say he hadn’t given her plenty of chances. How many times had he sat on the next table at the coffee shop or followed her shopping or sat outside her house for hours? He’d even smiled and said hello to her once at the bar in the local wine bar. Yet she totally ignored him.

They’d first met 18 months ago. He’d been in a hurry picking up some last-minute shopping when he literally bumped into her. His apology had been genuine and she had smiled and been so gracious. He could still remember that smile. It was then that he knew she was the woman for him.

After that, he just couldn’t get her out of his mind. He would find himself driving past her house on the way home from work in the hope he might catch a glimpse of her. At weekends he would follow her shopping or sit in his car outside her house. The more he saw her the more certain he was that she was the woman for him. There were only two obstacles standing in their way – his wife and her husband.

Getting rid of both of them had proved to be much easier than he’d first envisaged. His wife died in a tragic accident in the Lake District. She’d slipped while on one of her favourite hikes and fallen down the mountain to her death. That was the story he had given to the police and they believed him. He could still see that look of surprise and horror on his wife’s face as she tumbled over the edge.

Disposing of the husband had also been relatively easy. This time a quick push in the back on that crowded platform and the next thing you heard was the screech of brakes and screams from people who witnessed the tragic accident. The coroner heard he had been under extreme pressure at work and brought in a verdict of suicide.
So why, after all he had done for her, did she still ignore him? In the end he decided to go and ask her. When she opened the door it was obvious she didn’t know him. She looked so alarmed when he told her all that he had done to ensure that they could be together.

He hadn’t meant to hurt her but if he hadn’t hit her she would have screamed the place down.

When the police found his car it looked like a joint suicide. A classic case, the car parked up in a deserted spot, a hosepipe from the exhaust pipe in through the driver’s window.

What the police couldn’t fathom out is why the pair of them had decided to take their lives? According to all the friends and relatives they interviewed it seemed that the two hadn’t even known one another.


Mike Jackson

Trolls Like Sweets



“Are you sure about this Jimmy?”

“Stop worrying Billy. Everything’s going to be just fine.”

“I’m still not sure mate. I mean, it is your sister we’re talking about here.”

“Billy, stop going on!  Emma’s almost six now, she can look after herself. What’s more, she volunteered. It’s not like I forced her.”

I looked to see how far Emily had got and even thought of rushing after her and dragging her back but I knew I daren’t, Jimmy would kill me.

“What if it doesn’t work Jimmy?”

“It’ll work. I’ve put too much into this operation for it not to. You got the camera ready? I think I heard something.”

I thought back to the weeks Jimmy had spent in the library researching the bridges around here, looking for the right one. According to the legend he’d found, this was it. All he needed was someone to walk slowly across the bridge, making as much noise as possible. His little sister had been the perfect bait.

Emily stopped. She could definitely hear a voice from beneath the bridge and it didn’t sound happy. Moments later an enormous Troll clambered over the side and stood in front of her. She took out a bag of sweets, slowly turned around and started walking back across the bridge, dropping a trail of sweets behind her. If her big brother was right the Troll would follow, eating the sweets as he came.

“Told you it would work Billy. Look, just like I said, Trolls love sweets. We’re going to get some great pictures. The papers will pay a fortune for these.”

Jimmy was right of course, Trolls do love sweets. But with a little more research he would have discovered that, while they enjoy starting a meal with sweets, they love finishing it off with the crunchy bones of young children.

Mike Jackson

New Life



The ground beneath our feet, soaked in all manner of volatile flammable liquids, began to burn. The bright searchlight mapped out the area we needed to work on. My team were good at this, one of the best.

By morning the whole of our section would be scorched.

If the cleansing units, that had come in ahead of us, had done their job properly then this entire area would look pristine. Devoid of all life.

By the end of the week, the entire planet Earth would be ready for habitation by its new owners.

Our work here would be finished.

Mike Jackson

A 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.

PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio