My Writing

In this section you will find a series of drop down menus where I have included various stories I have written and published on this blog. They are:

Drabbles – these are 100-word stories. Not 99-words or 101-words but exactly 100-words. These are great fun to write but can be extremely challenging when you are having to cut words to get down to the 100 mark!

50-Word Stories – sometimes called ‘Dribbles’ and I’ve also heard them describes as bite-sized fiction and mini-stories. Many 50-word stories will often fit onto Twitter with its now 280 character limit.

Twitter Blog

Stories Less Than 50-Words – these include Twitter Fiction, Hint Fiction (stories of 25-words or less), Six-Word Stories and any other micro-fiction ideas I come across and want to have a go at writing.

Longer Stories – these tend to be anything that doesn’t fall into one of the above categories.

Poetry – I sometimes, though not often, delve into writing poetry.