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Hope We’re Not Too Late

In the last hour, this queue has ground to a halt. Tried using my phone to find out what the delay is but the Internet is still unavailable. Not surprising really considering what’s at stake. A whisper came down the line suggesting the gate may have closed. But if that […]

Up or Down?

I’d been in the queue for days. Something about a technical hitch with the soul detection monitor at the main desk. They were having to process people manually. When I got to the front I saw a large man dressed in a long, flowing white robe, holding an enormous leather-bound […]

Man Flu

Just caught a stinking cold. Been tracking the blighter for days. First got wind of it last Tuesday, running wild in the local school. Then heard it had been seen trying to get into the old folk’s home. I’ve been outside, waiting, watching. Thought at one point I’d missed it. […]


“But doctor, what about this voice in my head?” “Stress, Mr Carson. I’m going to give you a sick note for two weeks. I suggest you use that time for a relaxing holiday.” I first entered Tim Carson’s body three weeks ago. He is desperately trying to rationalise my presence. […]

The 8.37 to Bridlington

The instructions had been clear – ‘Load your cases onto a trolley. Then, with the castle on the hill to your left. Head straight for the brick wall with the sign saying PLATFORM 7’. We looked at one another, counted three, and charged. It worked! We’d passed straight through. As […]