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“But doctor, what about this voice in my head?” “Stress, Mr Carson. I’m going to give you a sick note for two weeks. I suggest you use that time for a relaxing holiday.” I first entered Tim Carson’s body three weeks ago. He is desperately trying to rationalise my presence. […]

The 8.37 to Bridlington

The instructions had been clear – ‘Load your cases onto a trolley. Then, with the castle on the hill to your left. Head straight for the brick wall with the sign saying PLATFORM 7’. We looked at one another, counted three, and charged. It worked! We’d passed straight through. As […]

What Harm Will It Do You?

A 100-word story by Mike Jackson

Go on, you know you want to. What harm will it do? Look at those pretzels. Don’t they smell yummy! Or what about a big, fat, juicy hotdog with lashings of onions, covered in tomato ketchup? Tell you what, I’ll cover my eyes. That way I won’t see you. Honest, […]

The Return Journey

A 100-word story by Mike Jackson

“Remember.” I whispered, “We walk across the bridge, dead quiet, not a whisper. Got it? And no stopping for a quick peep over the edge. Remember what happened to Jimmy yesterday.” We got to the middle before we heard the thing sniffing. It knew we were there. I grabbed young […]


I wonder if I’ll recognise him. It was 20 years ago. Went off with the barmaid from the Red Lion. Or at least that’s what Aunty Sue said. I just remember how much I missed my dad. In the midst of all the anger and shouting, I simply cried. Then […]