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It Wasn’t My Fault

IT WASN’T MY FAULT “Look what you’ve gone and done now Billy!” “Don’t blame me. It wasn’t my fault. He shouldn’t have been here in the first place.” “What do you mean? Where else would you expect him to be?” “I don’t know. Anywhere but here.” “But it’s his house, […]

What Have We Got Sergeant?

“What have we got sergeant?” “The body’s that of a young woman, boss. Mid-twenties, been dead about 12 hours. She was also about three months pregnant” “Any idea who she is?” “Name’s Cinderella, boss. Seems she was engaged to be married to the Prince but he broke it off a […]

No Time for ‘Buts’ Mate

“Name?” “Peter Jones.” “You’re late. You should’ve been here Tuesday. What kept you? When did you die?” “This morning, I think. I remember stepping into the road then nothing.” “Says here you should’ve been knocked down yesterday not today. Typical of that Grim Reaper, always messing up his timings. Still, […]

Time Passes

I find my grip on life weakening. It doesn’t feel that long ago when everything was on the up. A great job, lots of friends and then, at the peak of my good fortune, I met you and felt completely fulfilled. I wonder now how I allowed you to manipulate […]