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Time For a Drink

A 100 word story by Mike Jackson

Once all was quiet throughout the house the vine’s tendrils slowly spread out. Within an hour it had crossed the kitchen floor, dividing and multiplying as it went. As the clock in the hall struck twelve it was halfway up the stairs twisting and wrapping itself around the bannister as […]

One Giant Leap For Mankind

Man walks on the moon - 100 word story by Mike Jackson

Cut! Let’s try that again. Lighting can you drop the colour down a bit, don’t forget this is supposed to be a moon. We shouldn’t be seeing those damn shadows. Jimmy get over here and smooth over the soil around the capsule. Need to get rid of all those footsteps. […]

What Happens When We Reach The Top?

“What happens when we reach the top?” “You’re going to  jump.” “What do you mean ‘jump’. I’m not jumping. It’s a long way down. It’ll kill me.” “We know.” “Well I’m not doing it, you can forget about that.” “Don’t worry mate, you won’t have to actually jump. We’re going to […]

She’s Home


I knew it was her the moment I saw the boots. She’d been wearing them when she disappeared, only now they looked a little more battered. If I’m honest, her going was a blessing. She’d never been easy, even as a baby. I wanted to look for her but Bill […]

A Reservation For Six

We’ve only one table left sir, the one by the forest. Do you know it? Oh, I see sir, you read about it in the paper. A most unfortunate incident. We’ve always known the creatures were there of course. We’ve even had been brief glimpses of them. But for a […]