Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Here are some of my short stories and flash fiction that have been published to date. The list is small at the moment but I am working on that.


‘The Box’ – in Once Upon a Time – A Collection of Unexpected Fairytales.

‘Exam Results Day’ – one of my short stories made into a short film in 2013 by Hannah from Gosh Productions.

‘Exam Results Day’ – behind the scenes on the film production of ‘Exam Results Day’.

‘Where’s My Esther?’ – Writing Magazine – runner up of 1,000-word short story competition 2014.

‘Forbidden Fruit’ – 121 Words Summer Collection #2 – July 2017.

‘Twitter Fiction’ – six of my 12-word stories in this 12 Words Microfiction collection – July 2017.

‘The Hideous Clock’ – 100-word story in Friday Flash Fiction – July 2017.

‘The Bottle Spins’ – 100-word story in A Story In 100 Words – August 2017

‘It’s Getting Bigger’ – 100-word story in The Drabble – August 2017

‘Another Burial’ – in 101 Words – August 2017

‘Late’ – 101 Fiction – 1 word title, 100 word story – September 2017

‘Harmless Flying Machine’ – A story on a postcard – Postcard Shorts – November 2017

I look forward to reading your comments

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