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What Have We Got Sergeant?

“What have we got sergeant?” “The body’s that of a young woman, boss. Mid-twenties, been dead about 12 hours. She was also about three months pregnant” “Any idea who she is?” “Name’s Cinderella, boss. Seems she was engaged to be married to the Prince but he broke it off a […]

Root Them Out

“Well, Commander have you found them?” “We think so, sir. This strange looking construction is being used as a primitive ventilation system for the dwellings hidden underground.” “Do we know how many of them are down there?” It’s difficult to be accurate sir but we estimate there must be in […]

Seven Ordinary Looking Doors

This is my second year here. It’s a great holiday destination and still relatively unheard of. Mind you the price would put a lot of folks off – it’s not cheap. You’re probably thinking it doesn’t look much, no sunny beaches or swanky wine bars, just seven ordinary looking doors. […]

Keep Digging Seth

Keep Digging Seth

Keep digging Seth, that ring’s down there somewhere.  A crazy aunt gave it to Mel years ago. We thought it was just a tatty piece of costume jewellery. If I’m honest I’ve no idea why she wore it, probably something to do with her lack of taste. Anyway, seems we […]