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Time To Break Free?

As a fledgeling teenager, I dreamt of being a rebel. But between the rigid Presbyterian church we attended every Sunday and a father not afraid to wield his thick leather belt, I learned to conform. Now, as a law-abiding, middle-aged man I pay my taxes. I don’t drink or smoke […]

The 8.37 to Bridlington

The instructions had been clear – ‘Load your cases onto a trolley. Then, with the castle on the hill to your left. Head straight for the brick wall with the sign saying PLATFORM 7’. We looked at one another, counted three, and charged. It worked! We’d passed straight through. As […]

The Return Journey

A 100-word story by Mike Jackson

“Remember.” I whispered, “We walk across the bridge, dead quiet, not a whisper. Got it? And no stopping for a quick peep over the edge. Remember what happened to Jimmy yesterday.” We got to the middle before we heard the thing sniffing. It knew we were there. I grabbed young […]

The Clock On The Mantelpiece

THE CLOCK ON THE MANTELPIECE My fingers wrap around the stone in my pocket, your sticky blood still warm to the touch. I was going to throw it in the lake, alongside your bound and weighted body, but I kept it instead. A reminder of the day I finally found […]

Daddy’s Watching You

DADDY’S WATCHING YOU   This was not the most salubrious establishment in town. The note on the window told you it’s owners were shadowy characters, not open to complaints. The two ceramic butterflies on the wall outside must have been someone’s futile attempt to make the place seem more homely. […]