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Mission Accomplished

The drone hovered silently above the deserted playground. Alert. Waiting. Watching. Its handler, tucked deep inside a military bunker many miles away, panicked. Drone X3Z4S1 had gone rogue. Despite all the fail-safe procedures they had in place the thing was steadfastly refusing to respond. All they could do was monitor […]

Olympic Standard

A 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.

Gave it all up when I was fourteen. Nobody could understand why. I simply reacted like any teenager. Scowled a lot. Said it was boring and I’d better things to do with my life. I never mentioned Neil. The ever-popular, charismatic Mr Neil Samuels. The charming ex-professional who used to […]

Time To Talk

“Is this where you left him?” “Yes, boss. In a hole just to the right of those deserted buildings. He thought he was being buried alive, you should’ve heard him scream. We did as you said, boss, put him in a coffin and lowered it into a makeshift grave. We […]

Parts Missing

Parts Missing is one of a series of 100 word stories.

PARTS MISSING   The large crate arrived early this afternoon, sooner than I’d expected. The fellow who delivered it, a miserable looking individual, moaned like hell because of its weight. It didn’t make matters any better when I told him I couldn’t help due to this dodgy back of mine. […]

The Never Ending Journey

A 100-word story about an automated tram that never stops.

THE NEVER ENDING JOURNEY   The empty tram trundled along the deserted tracks, sticking rigidly to an irrelevant timetable. At each stop, a mechanical voice would tell you where you were and wish you a good day. The doors opened for their mandatory fifty-seven seconds and then closed. The driver, […]