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Daddy’s Watching You

DADDY’S WATCHING YOU   This was not the most salubrious establishment in town. The note on the window told you it’s owners were shadowy characters, not open to complaints. The two ceramic butterflies on the wall outside must have been someone’s futile attempt to make the place seem more homely. […]

Please Don’t Leave Me!

PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! She remembered the beginning. He’d tried so hard to straighten her out, to drag her screaming from the abyss. That’s love for you. But it never lasts.  Her demands for his constant attention had stretched his patience to breaking point. Last night he’d told her he […]

The Sunlight Hurt My Eyes

THE SUNLIGHT HURT MY EYES That’s where she kept me. The room with the blinds. I remember once letting the blinds up, the light from the sun was amazing. She was so angry when she saw what I’d done.  I remember her hitting me with that belt of hers. God, […]

Darts Night

DARTS NIGHT It was the day Trevor’s grandmother exploded. It was a Tuesday. That’s Trevor’s night at the Red Lion. Darts night. He never misses. Come hell or high water Trevor will be there. So Tuesday night is my night. I’ve got myself another bloke. He’s teaching me yoga. His […]

Have You Seen The Table?

HAVE YOU SEEN THE TABLE? Arthur looked at the table. What was it with these people? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t told them before. Last time they’d left it covered in half-empty beer glasses and overturned wine bottles. The time before that he’d found the table cluttered with bottles […]