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Seven Ordinary Looking Doors

This is my second year here. It’s a great holiday destination and still relatively unheard of. Mind you the price would put a lot of folks off – it’s not cheap. You’re probably thinking it doesn’t look much, no sunny beaches or swanky wine bars, just seven ordinary looking doors. […]

A New Food Source

It is a crude form of imprisonment and one I could escape from whenever I want to, but for now, I am happy to sit here, curious to see what my captors will do next. These Earthlings are a feeble-minded, primitive race but nonetheless quite fascinating to observe. The fact […]

What Happens When We Reach The Top?

“What happens when we reach the top?” “You’re going to  jump.” “What do you mean ‘jump’. I’m not jumping. It’s a long way down. It’ll kill me.” “We know.” “Well I’m not doing it, you can forget about that.” “Don’t worry mate, you won’t have to actually jump. We’re going to […]

A Reservation For Six

We’ve only one table left sir, the one by the forest. Do you know it? Oh, I see sir, you read about it in the paper. A most unfortunate incident. We’ve always known the creatures were there of course. We’ve even had been brief glimpses of them. But for a […]