Only The Best



“Well, Jones, how is it going?”

“Everything is in place, Sir. The rings were dropped into the sky a week ago and don’t appear to have caused any concerns amongst the populace. As we expected, they have convinced themselves they are in some way connected to their strange celebration of Christmas.”

“Excellent. Are we ready for the next phase?”

“The rings are activated, Sir. Once you give the order we will begin beaming selected humans onboard.”

“Start the process, Jones. And remember, the Intergalactic Zoo are only interested in young, healthy specimens. Jettison any that don’t meet the necessary criteria.”

Mike Jackson


A 100-word story for Friday Fictioneers.

Photo courtesy of © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


The New Boy



I sit in the room analysing these unknown surroundings. It is less than 24 hours since I entered this host body and I’m still assimilating his bizarre thoughts and even stranger behaviours.

Suddenly I’m aware that his name (my name now) is being called out by the human adult in front of me.

“Peter! Have you completed that homework yet?”

I found myself replying, “Sorry Miss, I’ve forgotten it.” A phrase my host had used many times.

“Oh Peter, you’d forget your head if it wasn’t screwed on!”

I look at her suspiciously. How did she know I could do that?

Mike Jackson

Jimmy’s Turn




“It’s all agreed then, Jimmy will go first.”

“Why me? Shouldn’t it be one of you bigger ones?”

“You’re the one with the bread Jimmy. You’ll be fine. We’ll be waiting here when you get back.”

Jimmy looked back at the gang as he edged his way down the dark alley. They stood there, urging him on. With the stick of bread held out in front of him, Jimmy disappeared into the darkness.

Minutes later a low growl was followed by sounds of munching, then a loud burp. The boys waited until it went dark but Jimmy never came back.

Mike Jackson

Open Heart Surgery



Is it dangerous Doc? It’s just he means so much to me I couldn’t bear it if I were to lose him.”
“He’s in the best place. He’s still young and in reasonably good condition, so I’m optimistic. You must remember though, nothing is guaranteed. There could be complications. We just have to hope we can find a match.”
I watched in dread as the doctor carefully opened up Tommy’s front and removed the defective battery. Then he searched through a large jar on the window looking for a replacement. I prayed to God he would find one that worked.

Mike Jackson

Hope We’re Not Too Late



In the last hour, this queue has ground to a halt.

Tried using my phone to find out what the delay is but the Internet is still unavailable. Not surprising really considering what’s at stake.

A whisper came down the line suggesting the gate may have closed. But if that was true I’m sure the soldiers would have dispersed us.

I’m still hopeful of a place in the government-approved bunker. But they will have to get a move on, this rain is turning more toxic by the minute.

Another hour and it will start burning our clothes and skin.

Mike Jackson

100-word story for Friday Fictioneers
PHOTO PROMPT © Na’ama Yehuda

Up or Down?



I’d been in the queue for days. Something about a technical hitch with the soul detection monitor at the main desk. They were having to process people manually.
When I got to the front I saw a large man dressed in a long, flowing white robe, holding an enormous leather-bound ledger.
When my turn came two guards told me to step forward.
The man looked at me, then at the ledger. I saw his fingers scroll down the page and stop.
Without looking up he said, “Stairs to the left.”
As I descended the stairs the heat hit me.

Mike Jackson

Man Flu



Just caught a stinking cold.

Been tracking the blighter for days. First got wind of it last Tuesday, running wild in the local school.

Then heard it had been seen trying to get into the old folk’s home. I’ve been outside, waiting, watching. Thought at one point I’d missed it. I was about to call it a day when I saw it trying to sneak in with one of the cleaners. It never stood a chance. I had it safely neutralised and boxed in minutes.
Must rush, just had a message that Man Flu’s in town and needs dealing with.

Mike Jackson