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No Time for ‘Buts’ Mate

“Name?” “Peter Jones.” “You’re late. You should’ve been here Tuesday. What kept you? When did you die?” “This morning, I think. I remember stepping into the road then nothing.” “Says here you should’ve been knocked down yesterday not today. Typical of that Grim Reaper, always messing up his timings. Still, […]

Time Passes

I find my grip on life weakening. It doesn’t feel that long ago when everything was on the up. A great job, lots of friends and then, at the peak of my good fortune, I met you and felt completely fulfilled. I wonder now how I allowed you to manipulate […]

Root Them Out

“Well, Commander have you found them?” “We think so, sir. This strange looking construction is being used as a primitive ventilation system for the dwellings hidden underground.” “Do we know how many of them are down there?” It’s difficult to be accurate sir but we estimate there must be in […]

A New Food Source

It is a crude form of imprisonment and one I could escape from whenever I want to, but for now, I am happy to sit here, curious to see what my captors will do next. These Earthlings are a feeble-minded, primitive race but nonetheless quite fascinating to observe. The fact […]

She’d Found Another Man

He had just two loves in his life – his music and Jenny. He couldn’t imagine life without either of them. Then one morning over breakfast Jenny finished her coffee, put the dishes away and calmly announced she was leaving. She’d found another man. By mid-morning her cases were packed […]