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He’s Late

I stood on the corner, my collar turned up against the chilly autumn air. I looked at my watch again. He was late. So unlike him, especially on a day as important as this.  He’s not coming Maureen,” whispered a voice behind me. “Lover boy’s not coming. I’ve made sure […]

What Does She Think She’s Doing!

A 100-word story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers prompt. Have you seen them Maureen? Soppy pair. She’s forgetting she’s only just had her hip done. Too much smooching at her age is not to be recommended. As for him, I’m surprised he can stand up that long without his zimmer […]

Testing Times

He watched them as they made their solemn ascent up the escalator, two by two, heads bowed, not speaking. They were a good bunch. Hard working, conscientious and, on the whole, firm in their beliefs. He’d pushed them hard over the last year. Angel training was not meant to be […]

Something Will Have To Go

This is my umpteenth attempt to reorganise the freezer. My last try I got the ice cream in but at the expense of the frozen peas. I need the peas. According to my late wife, Maureen, it’s the only healthy food I eat. But I can’t leave the ice-cream out. […]