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“How exactly does it work then?” “Easy really. As soon as we get hold of the babies me and mum freeze-dry them. This keeps them nice and safe while we travel from one market to another.” “Doesn’t it kill them?” “Course not. Makes them go hard and slows down all […]

Where Are You?

A 100-word story.

I remember it as though it happened yesterday. It was my seventh birthday and dad had stuck a donkey on the wall. We’d laughed when Jimmy pinned the tail on the left leg. Then it was my go. When I finally stuck that tail onto the donkey nobody laughed, so […]

The Crack In The Wall

THE CRACK IN THE WALL Peter measured the crack in the wall scribbling the measurements into a small notebook, which he tucked into his dressing gown pocket. He put his ear to the crack. The voices seemed quieter today, more distant. His heart quickened as her gentle voice rose above […]

Have You Seen The Table?

HAVE YOU SEEN THE TABLE? Arthur looked at the table. What was it with these people? It wasn’t as if he hadn’t told them before. Last time they’d left it covered in half-empty beer glasses and overturned wine bottles. The time before that he’d found the table cluttered with bottles […]

What Have We Got Sergeant?

“What have we got sergeant?” “The body’s that of a young woman, boss. Mid-twenties, been dead about 12 hours. She was also about three months pregnant” “Any idea who she is?” “Name’s Cinderella, boss. Seems she was engaged to be married to the Prince but he broke it off a […]