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What Have We Got Sergeant?

“What have we got sergeant?” “The body’s that of a young woman, boss. Mid-twenties, been dead about 12 hours. She was also about three months pregnant” “Any idea who she is?” “Name’s Cinderella, boss. Seems she was engaged to be married to the Prince but he broke it off a […]

A New Food Source

It is a crude form of imprisonment and one I could escape from whenever I want to, but for now, I am happy to sit here, curious to see what my captors will do next. These Earthlings are a feeble-minded, primitive race but nonetheless quite fascinating to observe. The fact […]

Keep Digging Seth

Keep Digging Seth

Keep digging Seth, that ring’s down there somewhere.  A crazy aunt gave it to Mel years ago. We thought it was just a tatty piece of costume jewellery. If I’m honest I’ve no idea why she wore it, probably something to do with her lack of taste. Anyway, seems we […]

Time For a Drink

A 100 word story by Mike Jackson

Once all was quiet throughout the house the vine’s tendrils slowly spread out. Within an hour it had crossed the kitchen floor, dividing and multiplying as it went. As the clock in the hall struck twelve it was halfway up the stairs twisting and wrapping itself around the bannister as […]

One Giant Leap For Mankind

Man walks on the moon - 100 word story by Mike Jackson

Cut! Let’s try that again. Lighting can you drop the colour down a bit, don’t forget this is supposed to be a moon. We shouldn’t be seeing those damn shadows. Jimmy get over here and smooth over the soil around the capsule. Need to get rid of all those footsteps. […]