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I have teamed up with a fellow retired educator called David Horner and between us we are creating resources for teachers. We call ourselves Goodeyedeers!

These resources can be fund at our shop on the TES Resources page. The resource packages are predominantly literacy based with an emphasis on poetry. For over 20 years David was a very successful freelance children’s poet delivering poetry workshops to children and teachers in schools across this country and abroad. 

Al the money we raise from the sale of these resources goes to a local children’s charity called MedEquip4Kids.

Here is an example of what we do:

Let me share another one of our resources with you. 

This one is all about creating your own Tongue Twisters.

The resource itself is a PowerPoint but I’ve saved it as a video here so that I can embed it into this post. (I’m not sure if I can embed a powerpoint? If I can, I haven’t yet worked out how!)

Other ‘Goodeyedeers’ titles include:

Tongue Twisters to Tickle The Tonsils – KS2 (Grades 2-5)
Metaphors – KS2 (Grades 2-5)
Jabberwocky – Making Sense of Nonsense – Upper KS2 & Lower KS3 (Grades 4-7)
Kennings Poetry -KS2 (Grades 2-5)
Pets & Poems – KS2 (Grades 2-5)
Creative Writing Ideas
SPaG – Great Grammar Games a series of these to cover KS2
Times Table Twisters a series to cover all the times tables up to & including 12x
Poetry Lesson Starters a series for children from KS1 – KS3 (Grades 1-7)
Riddles Poetry  – KS2 (Grades 2-5)
Re-writing The Classics – Upper KS2 & Lower KS3 (Grades 4-7)
The Great Fire of London Quiz – KS1
Dinosaurs and Haiku – KS2
Dictionary Adventures – KS2


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